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Opening ceremony of the Copernicus Academy
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Welcome to the Copernicus Academy CZ website

The main goal of this action is to establish a Copernicus Academy office – a contact point for existing and potential end-users of Copernicus data and services in the Czech Republic with synergy of the activities of the National secretariat GEO/Copernicus and Copernicus Academy/Copernicus Relays. The main role of this office is to foster collaboration between educational, public and private institutions and commercial operators or entrepreneurs. The office provides information about benefits of Copernicus data to potential end-users in different sectors and to coordinate and providing the experiences of different group of experts: from science and research sector, business and public bodies. The office internationally cooperates with other Copernicus Academies and with European Union Agency for the Space Programme in Prague (EUSPA). The best practices/success stories are implemented into education and through face to face meetings and consultations are identified the gaps where would be possible and useful to be implemented Copernicus products and services.

The office is located in the Hybernska Campus of Charles University in the centre of Prague, so it is open for communities to be provided a promotion, face to face consultations and trans-generation and trans-sectors consultations and workshops on Copernicus data and ideas.

Following events

TAT 2023 training: “Remote sensing for environmental monitoring and modelling” (TAT-10)

 27 June to 1 July 2023 in Czechia in two cities:

  • Prague (27 – 28 June) hosted hosted by Charles University
  • and Brno (30 June – 1 July) hosted by Masaryk University.

The topic of TAT 2023 (TAT-10) is “Remote sensing for environmental monitoring and modelling”. Leading experts from Europe and the US will present and discuss state-of-the-art advanced Earth Observation methods. Technologies and data from Copernicus, ESA, and NASA missions will be presented in tutorial lectures and practised in hands-on training sessions. Lectures and training activities will focus on SAR, optical passive and active ( LiDAR) for forestry, agriculture, and hydrology monitoring and modelling, and the use of free and accessible cloud computing and machine learning methods for analysing Earth Observation data. Working with different types of sensor data and their combinations will be demonstrated: SAR data from the Sentinel-1 mission and simulation data from the future NISAR mission, optical (passive) multi-spectral data from the Landsat-8, -9 and Sentinel-2 missions and hyperspectral data from EMIT, DESIS, PRISMA missions, as well as optical active (LiDAR) data from the GEDI mission.

Organized by EO4Landscape team, ESA, NASA and Masaryk University

More information here.

International Summer School on Earth Observation for Educators

17th–21st July 2023, Prague, Charles University

The EO4Educators 2023 International Summer School on Earth Observation for Educators is set to take place in Prague, Czechia from the 17th to the 21st of July. The aim of the summer school is to promote and give hands-on training around Remote Sensing/Earth Observation (EO) and to show how EO can be implemented into schools in cooperation with teachers. This is an educational platform where scientists and teachers can exchange modern teaching ideas of how satellite data, GIS and digital skills can be successfully brought into the classroom. Summer School is organized by Charles University (Czechia), Heidelberg University of Education (Germany) and EARSeL – scientific network of European Remote Sensing institutes.

More information here.


Přemysl Štych
Associate Professor
Department of Applied Geoinformatics and Cartography
Faculty of Science, Charles University

Prague, Czechia


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