Within education, we focus on teaching bachelor’s and master’s courses at Charles University (Albertov 6, Prague, Czechia). We also focus on capacity building, and within the framework of international projects, we also focus on education at the second level of primary schools and also high schools. Our philosophy is to use primarily freely available software and data. We provide training in the following science disciplines: GIS, remote sensing / Earth observation, 3D modeling and web cartography.

Focus on

  • GIS (QGIS, ArcGIS, ArcGIS Pro, R, Python)
  • Remote Sensing / Earth observation (Google Earth Engine, SNAP)
  • 3D model (SketchUp, Blender, Lumion)
  • Web cartography (Leaflet, ArcGIS Online)

List of our courses

Geoinformation systemsMZ370P43U / MZ370P43ZWinterBachelor
Open Source GISMZ370G14WinterBachelor
Basics of GeoinformaticsMZ370P42SummerBachelor
Basics of GeoinformaticsMDPSGG011C / MDPS065C / MZ370P42 / MZ370P32SummerBachelor
Geographical ExcursionMZ300T01SummerBachelor
Advanced GIS and Database Techniques for Urban and Population StudiesMZ370G30SummerMaster
Aplication of Geoinformatics in Earth SciencesMZ370P37WinterMaster
Diploma Project 2MZ370G12WinterMaster
Geoinformatics and Cartography in Research and PracticeMZ370G01WinterMaster
Cartography and Geoinformatics in theory and practiceMZ370P51WinterMaster
Introduction to geography and geographical proseminarMZ300S02ZWinterMaster
Applied geoinformaticsMZ340K03 / MZ370G10SummerMaster
Application of Geoinformatics in Social GeographyMZ340P106SummerMaster
Application of Geoinformatics in Physical GeographyMZ330P104SummerMaster
Remote sensing of planetsMZ370P53 / MZ370G20SummerMaster
Diploma Project 1MZ370G11SummerMaster
Diploma Project 3MZ370G13SummerMaster
Geoinformatic technologies in learningMZ370P52SummerMaster
Land Use, Landscape and SocietyMZ370P55SummerMaster
Landscape Changes and SocietyMZ300E005SummerMaster
Business practice in geoinformatics and cartographyMZ370G28SummerMaster
Professional practiceMZ350T36SummerMaster

Previously taught lectures at Charles University

Remote SensingMZ350P35WinterBachelor
Spatial Data VisualisationMZ370P24WinterMaster
3D modelingMZ370P03SummerMaster