Daniel Paluba won the third place in the prestigious European Space Agency “Get Space Inspired” competition

Combining a passion for travel with research in remote sensing data analysis – that’s the idea behind the proposed SatPlanner project by our team member, Daniel Paluba, which won a great 3rd place in the European Space Agency’s “Get Space Inspired” competition!

Daniel Paluba with his award. Photo: Josef Laštovička

The aim of the Get Space Inspired competition was to gather ideas for the use of space technologies in the non-space sector and to showcase the best technology transfer from space technologies to terrestrial applications. The Get Space Inspired competition was announced by the Prague Technology Centre as part of the European Space Agency’s ESA Technology Broker project.

Daniel Paluba is a PhD student at the Department of Applied Geoinformatics and Cartography of our faculty. He is doing research in the field of Remote Sensing in our research group, at the research group EO4Landscape under the supervision of doc. Přemysl Štych. The results of his research activities are widely published in prestigious scientific journals. In the case of this competition, he has focused on the application area and has written a project that practically links research and innovation with the business sector in the field of transferring satellite data into a specific application.

The proposed project, SatPlanner, is an application that aims to make travel and outdoor event planning more efficient by analysing satellite data taking into account meteorological phenomena, environmental indicators and natural disasters. The application will offer the results of the analysed data to individuals as well as to travel agencies, event organisers and other companies who will use the current and predicted data to plan their activities in different parts of the world.

The prize includes a financial award of €5,000, which will help with the further development of the app and putting the idea into practice.

The award ceremony at the Czech Space Week in Brno was attended by Daniel’s supervisor and the head of our team, Assoc. Prof. Přemysl Štych (pictured on the right with Ing. Ondrej Šváb – Head of Space Activities of the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic).

Přemysl Štych (right) with Ing. Ondřej Šváb, Head of the Space Activities Department of the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic, at the award ceremony