EO4Educators 2023

International Summer School on Earth Observation for Educators

July 17-21, Prague, Charles University.

The EO4Educators 2023 International Summer School on Earth Observation for Educators is set to take place in Prague, Czechia from the 17th to the 21st of July. The aim of the summer school is to promote and give hands-on training around Remote Sensing/Earth Observation (EO) and to show how EO can be implemented into schools in cooperation with teachers. This is an educational platform where scientists and teachers can exchange modern teaching ideas of how satellite data, GIS and digital skills can be successfully brought into the classroom. Summer School is organized by Charles University (Czechia), Heidelberg University of Education (Germany) and EARSeL – scientific network of European Remote Sensing institutes.

Remote Sensing is a science about observing different objects and processes on the Earth’s surface without touching them. The summer school will introduce user-friendly online services for processing and analyzing satellite images for different purposes. It will help children develop critical thinking skills and is a primary source of information about Earth. The school will feature lectures and hands-on training on EO and data services, as well as teamwork of the participant and work on the projects and case studies under the supervision of the lecturers.

Participation in the summer school is free of charge, and participants will be provided with accommodation. However, they are expected to cover their own travel expenses. The application is open to nationals of (or those living/working in) all EU Member States. The registration form can be filled out until June 16th, 2023, and more information can be found on the EO4Educators website. Don’t miss this opportunity to exchange ideas and learn from experts in the field of EO!

Lecturers and Trainers:

  • Prof. Alexander Siegmund – Heidelberg University of Education
  • Doc. Přemysl Štych – Charles University
  • Dr. Maike Petersen- Heidelberg University of Education
  • Dr. Josef Laštovička – Charles University
  • Dr. Jakub Jelen – Charles University
  • Ing. Natalia Kobliuk – Charles University
  • Mgr. Daniel Paluba – Charles University
  • Mgr. Jan Svoboda – Charles University

More information is available here: https://eo4landscape.natur.cuni.cz/eo4educators